Hello? Is it me you're looking for?


Hello You! Yes, you! The awesome person who has happened to visit my blog. Welcome!

Let me introduce myself. I am Kristina Carrera, otherwise known as Kristina Bunny or Coneja (bunny in Spanish). You may be wondering why the bunny nickname, but more on that below. So, please read on!

First full disclosure: this blog thing is new to me and I am still very much in the whole 'fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants' stage. Consider yourself warned. My blog is a work in progress; so, if it seems a bit chaotic or disorganized...please bear with me (or, even better please share your feedback with me!)

Why did I start this blog? Not for fame or for money. I started this blog because I like to help people and I've discovered that I am actually kinda good at it. Whether it's giving a health or fitness tip, sharing a recipe or brightening someone's day with a laugh - helping others  makes me happy. So, after contemplating the many ways that I could help others - I came to the conclusion that starting a blog was the best way to go. And so, finally, I've put the (virtual) pen to paper

But, let's get to the good stuff, shall we? The nitty gritty details you're dying to know. Who am I?

Well, I am female, Canadian, but currently living in the Netherlands with my husband. Just over 4 years ago, I was offered a career advancement role here in Amsterdam, and so began our European adventure - a rollercoaster we've been riding ever since.

I am on the cusp of turning 40 (but, in my mind, I am still living in my 20s). I try to live my life based on how I feel, rather than according to my age (it ain't nothing but a number!)

I have always been kinda into fitness, or rather the concept of improving your body and health. But, I was never a Gym-bunny. I never liked working out at gyms, mostly stemming from bad experiences, but also just lack of motivation to go run beside a stranger on a treadmill for an hour. I wanted to lift weights, but I would get freaked out by angry-looking weightlifters. So, gym became a lower priority when I moved to Amsterdam, where I didn't even speak the language, let alone know what to expect form a Dutch-gym.

 I was going okay for awhile, I would walk, a lot.  But after a couple of years living the netherlands, I started to notice that I was getting quite "fluffy". I knew that my fast-burning metabolism days were becoming very limited, so I saw no choice but to kicked my own butt and start to get myself back in shape, in my own living room. Therein, lies the spark of Bunny Lifestyle - driven by many things, but a lot by the fact that I couldn't fathom getting up to go work out in a gym, when my livingroom was just as good and I could workout in my pajamas, if I really felt like it (I don't). For about a year and half now, I have been on a fitness journey. Rediscovering my own fitness, but helping others along the way. Although some days I will grunt and groan about it, deep inside, I like working out. I like how it makes my body feel, I am an endorphins addict. So, this is the start, this is where it began... 

And where did the Bunny come from? 

Well, contrary to what some may think, my brand and my nickname have nothing to do with an obsession with bunnies. Don't get me wrong, I do think bunnies are some of the cutest creatures to hop this earth; but Bunny Lifestyle has nothing to do with that. 

The simple fact is that people compare me to a bunny rabbit. It could be because of my slightly-larger-than-normal 2 front teeth... 

Or, maybe because I am bouncy, curious, fast on my feet, sometimes a bit fluffy and definitely way too energetic sometimes.

 Either way, somewhere along the way, the nickname Bunny stuck, so it only made sense that I would name my blog, which represents my lifestyle, after me: Bunny

I really do hope you enjoy visiting my blog, as much I as like sharing on it! Come back often!

Bunny xxx 

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